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About us

At Centre visuel Cardinal, we believe that an optician-optometrist partnership offers the best in eye care services. Both professions work well together to give the optimal customer experience, from your complete eye exam and measuring process to getting your glasses or contact lenses fitted, according to your needs.

Our story


Our story starts in 1973 under the name Clinique d’optométrie Ginette Cardinal.

Ginette Cardinal O.D. was a young optometrist from Montreal who moved to Gatineau and opened up shop at 525 Boulevard Maloney East. With no employees for the first six months, she did everything herself, from booking appointments to picking frames and performing eye exams.

Ginette Cardinal | Centre visuel Cardinal
Ginette Cardinal


Dr. Cardinal would go on to buy Dr. Roger Mineault O.D.’s clinic in Thurso. She would work both clinics until the latter’s closure in 1980.

During her maternity leaves, Dr. Cardinal sought help from Dr. Nicole Roy O.D. and Dr. Paul Granger O.D.


In 1982, the clinic moved to Montée Paiement where Dr. Cardinal set up a lab in order to offer the cutting and mounting of ophthalmic lenses.

Dr. Marthe Verret O.D. then joined the team full-time. Six months later, Dr. Cardinal set up another clinic in Buckingham at 154 Maclaren East, in the back portion of the building.


In September 1983, Dr. Diane Lauzon O.D. joined the team and started working at the Buckingham location.

In 1988, the clinic took over the front of the building. Two new optometrists joined the team: Dr. Nicole Larose O.D. in February 1983, and Dr. Martine Tanguay O.D. a year later.


In 1986, Dr. Cardinal and her husband bought a lot in downtown Gatineau.

They built a new facilty exclusively for the Gatineau clinic. They moved into their new building at 127 boul. de l’Hôpital in May 1987.


In January 1990, Dr. Annie Marcoux O.D. joined the optometrist team. In 1993, Dr. Marthe Verret left for Quebec City.


Dr. Cardinal hired several opticians over the years to offer the best possible service in eye care. Peggy Camden O.O.D. was the last to join in January 1998.


During her professional career, Dr. Cardinal also visited many countries on humanitarian missions. From 1994 to 2006, Dr. Cardinal travelled to several villages in Honduras and Guatemala, to Grande Caille in Haiti and to Northern Mexico. She revamped eyewear that was graciously given by patients and was able to give locals eye exams and hand out the eyewear for free. Thousands of people were blessed and thankful for these donations.

In the last 20 years, the clinic has experienced considerable growth and an increase in clientele. This is due in part by exemplary professional service, care and quality products that reflect the company itself.


Dr. Cardinal started thinking more and more about retirement. In January 2014, she officially sold her business to the current owners and the clinic changed its name to Centre visuel Cardinal. The new associates are: Peggy Camden O.O.D., Dr. Annie Marcoux O.D. and Mr. Martin Vachon who, with 20 years of experience in sales, manages the business.

Today, Centre visuel Cardinal has two locations: Gatineau and Buckingham, where optometrists Dr. Lauzon, Dr. Tanguay and Dr. Marcoux offer the highest quality in professional eye exams and ocular care. Other than Peggy Camden, who is owner and optician, several assistants, receptionists, and a lab tech ensure the best possible service in eyewear at both locations.

Our team


Peggy Camden, O.O.D. - Centre visuel Cardinal

Peggy Camden O.O.D.

Optician owner
Dre Annie Marcoux o.d - Centre visuel Cardinal

Dr. Annie Marcoux O.D.

Associate optometrist
Martin Vachon - Centre visuel Cardinal

Martin Vachon

Associate manager

Our professionals

Dre Diane Lauzon o.d - Centre visuel Cardinal

Dr. Diane Lauzon O.D.

Dr. Kathy Bourget o.d - Centre visuel Cardinal

Dr. Kathy Bourget O.D.

- Centre visuel Cardinal

Dr Mylène Giroux, O.D.

Dre Mylène Giroux, O.D. - Centre visuel Cardinal

Dr. Kariane Martin, O.D.

Audrey Moreau o.o.d - Centre visuel Cardinal

Audrey Moreau O.O.D.

Dispensing Optician
Dre Kariane Martin, O.D. - Centre visuel Cardinal

Mylène Bolduc, O.O.D.

Dispensing Optician
Mylène Bolduc, O.O.D. - Centre visuel Cardinal

Sarah Pflumio, O.O.D.

Dispensing optician
Juliette Damini, O.O.D. - Centre visuel Cardinal

Juliette Damini, O.O.D.

Dispensing optician
Joanne Gagnon - Centre visuel Cardinal

Joanne Gagnon

Consultant and Optometrist assistant
Chantal Gratton - Centre visuel Cardinal

Chantal Gratton

Consultant and Optometrist assistant
Ginette Corbeil - Centre visuel Cardinal

Ginette Corbeil

Consultant and Optometrist assistant
Johana Fernandez Dickner - Centre visuel Cardinal

Johana Fernandez Dickner

Consultant and Optometrist assistant